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Tusses Fishing Tackle

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  • When is my membership valid from?
    Your annual membership is valid from the date of purchase and once you have recieved your confirmation email. Whereas the day membership is valid from the specified date you entered upon purchase.
  • When/Where can I fish?
    As long as you have a valid membership you can fish whenever you like, however it is worth checking our 'calender' section (see page footer) to look for dates to avoid subject to fishing matches e.t.c. To view a map of where you can fish, please see the 'Our Waters' page.
  • When will I recieve my membership card?
    We are currently working on providing membership cards, so these are currently unavailable - please keep your email as a receipt/reference. Day memberships will not recieve a memebership card, please show an email confirming your order upon request and it will be checked against our records.
  • What can my membership be used for?
    Your membership covers all types of fishing on our stretches. Whether it be coarse, carp or lure, your membership is valid for it all.
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